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Wistful- purple Wisteria Flower Painting- 0riginal pastel flower paintings


Title: Wistful

Size: 80x45cm  (105x85cm when framed) £1475 framed

Medium: Pastel

about this painting:

'Wistful' depicts a fall of lilac Wisteria flowers. Wistful thoughts of happy moments, yearning. The painting made me think about how pondering on past happiness or longing for things in the future simply takes us away from being happy in the moment. It thought me to focus on the right now and to find the happiness around me.

It is a bright and comforting painting full of soothing and relaxing colour which will bring atmosphere and calm into any room

The painting is framed with a white wood frame with a 10cm border and non reflective museum glass

If you would like to see the story behind the creation of this painting and an in progress video, please go to;

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