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Silky Kimono- Hibiscus- Designer Fashion- Lingerie


Item: Hibiscus Silky feel Kimono


The Hisbiscus silky Kimono is made from a lovely slinky silk feel fabric. Beautiful to wear and easy to wash. The Kimono has my Hibiscus flower painting 'Flamboyance' featured on back and front with an orange belt and neckline. It has side pockets.

Beautiful to wear casually at home, but I have to admit that without the belt they also make a rather lovely summer slip on jacket to wear over a plain strappy dress or with leggings or jeans.

All of my wearable fashion range is created hand made in the UK and sewn to the highest standard by small local artisan business. I believe in supporting local communities, sole traders and small business, so all of my creations are locally sourced.

Because these Kimonos are individually made to order delivery time is between 7-10 days

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