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Prosperity- Peach Peony Flower Painting- original


Title: Prosperity

Medium: Pastel on sandboard

Image size: 60 X 60cm ( 24"X 24")

Currently unframed. Framing available to clients specification at additional cost

About this Painting:


Prosperity shows a blowsy peach coloured peony opening out in the sun. The peony is a flower representing prosperity, successful and happy relationships and honor. 

The colour peach in healing energies  brings charm and courage. Peach will help you you not to be afraid and find the courage to do what you need to in life. It restores your sparkle and positive energy fighting off negativity!

Bringing a peach peony into your space will fill you with new energy and an inner strength and brightness. It would sit beautifully either in a neutral toned space or to accent and bring out complimentary colours.


The painting was a joy to work on, lifting my spirits and infusing its surroundings with bright joy. 


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