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Patience- blue / lilac Iris Flower Painting- oil on canvas


Title: Patience

Size: 61cm x 61cm (24"x24") 5cm deep profile canvas

Medium:  Oil on canvas.  Deep profile canvas, painted around the edges so can be either hung as is or put in a tray frame

About this Painting


Patience depicts the softly curling and flowing petals of a blue lilac Iris. The soft tone of whites bring a peaceful and calm ambience to the painting. 

Finding the calm of mind to have patience can be such a wonderful thing in life. Opening the mind to acceptance, tolerance and calm eases the soul and brings rest to the mind.

The Iris flower painting is ready to hang and will imbue it's surroundings with peace and tranquility. It looks perfect either in a room with complementary tones or neutral where it will bring a focal point of colour