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Luxury Designer Velvet Cushion- 'Cosmos' White Dahlia Flower Painting


Item: Luxury Designer Cushion

Image: Cosmos from the white Cosmos dahlia Flower painting)

Fabric: Velvet or Faux Suede

Sizes :

Medium 41cm (16") square,

Large 51cm (20") square,

XL 56cm (22") square


To add a true touch of soft and sumptuous luxury to your home, these gorgeous designer cushions hit the mark. Exclusive and unique, they bring a beautiful piece of art into your home in a tactile and luxurious cushion.

The front features one of my flower paintings which reproduce in beautiful vivid colour on the fabric. 

The Cosmos cushion, features Anita's White Cosmos Flower Painting with shades of White, cream, yellow and green.

It is backed with a lovely  velvet in a complementary tone. or faux suede depending on font fabric choice .

The cushion has a zip and a goose down filler pad. hand made in the UK.

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