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Flamboyance- Hibiscus Flower Painting- original - lilac, peach, pink, orange


Title: Fascination

Medium: Pastel on sandboard

Image size: 60 X 60cm ( 24"X 24")

Framed size: 85 X 85cm (34" X 34") mounted on white board & framed  in a white wood frame with museum grade non reflective glass

About this Painting:

Flamboyance is a bold, flirtaceaous hibiscus undulating in lilac and peachy pinks tones. It is full of warmth, happiness ,passion and brings an instant uplifting and bright focal point to a room. 

Its petals curl and swirl in a sensuous dance radiating exotic warmth. 

 The painting was a joy to work on, lifting my spirits and infusing its surroundings with bright joy. 


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