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Feminality- Sweet Peas - Big Flower painting- Oil on canvas - Lica, Purple


Title: Feminality

Size: 100cm x 100cm (40"x40"") 5cm deep profile canvas.

Medium: Oil on canvas.  Deep profile canvas, painted around the edges so can be either hung as is or put in a tray frame

About this Painting

Feminality is a large painting depicting the curling, sensuaous petals of a mass of lilac and purple sweet peas. 

The delicate, fragrant petals create soft folds and patterns and are soft and feminine. As I was painting it, lost in their convolutions, the painting created a wonderful feeling of peace and relaxation. The soft lilac tones soothing and calm.

The 100cm square canvas creates a beautiful statement piece to bring a focal point to a room. It exudes its relaxing mood into a room.

In the language of flower and colour meanings sweet peas represent 'blissful pleasure', while the soft lilac colour represents beauty, femininity and grace.

Part of a new series or large oils on canvas inspired by locally grown British flowers. This particular Dahlia was grown by Pipley Flowers and the freshness of locally grown British flowers shines from its petals.

If you would like to know more about my Celebrating British Flowers project and the exhibition at RHS Wisley 4th Sept - 8th Oct 2018 click here


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