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Dragonfly - Original pastel dragonfly painting rom nature, turquoise, gree, blue


Title: Dragonfly

Image Size: 60x75cm (23.5"x 29.5")

Framed size: 74cm x 84cm (29"x33) currently in travel frame, framing to clients specification available at additional cost 

Medium: Pastel on sandboard.

About this painting: 

Dragonflies represent our ability to change, to metamorphose our lives from the mundane to the extraordinary! To spread our wings, fly, achieve our dreams. 

This painting was created after a little miracle occurred, when I wished about painting a dragonfly and one actually flew into my house and posed for me! You can read the story on my blog.

The painting resonated with an incredible feeling of hope, potential and possibility, it is both uplifting and relaxing and its tones of turquoise, blues and greens soothe the soul. 

It creates a real talking point and a stunning feature in a room

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