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Bright Awakening- Lilac Parrot Tulip Flower Painting on Turquoise backround


Title: Bright Awakening

Image Size: 80cm x 120cm ( 31.5"x 47")

Total Size: 106cm x 156cm x 5cm ( ( 42" x 61.5") Framed in white wood frame & museum grade UV protection, non reflective glass

Medium: Pastel on sandboard

About this painting

To inject bright soothing energy and peaceful thoughts into a room, bright awakenings contrasts of lilac & turquoise create an undulating and swaying big focal point to a room

Lilac Parrot tulip, Opening it's furled petals, awakening bright thoughts of rebirth and Spring. Bright Awakening is painted in 3 panels framed together, producing a large statement piece. It is a positive piece of spiritual and emotional awakening and growth. It fills a room with an ethereal energy both  relaxing and energising 

 To get an idea of scale it is pictured here hanging over a superkingsize bed

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