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Ascendancy- Big Iris Flower Painting- Irises- peach, purple, white- original oil on canvas


Title: Ascendancy

Size: 150cm x 100cm (40"x 60") 4cm deep profile canvas

Medium: Oil on canvas.  Deep profile canvas, painted around the edges so can be either hung as is or put in a tray frame

About this Painting

Ascendancy is a very large canvas featuring a stand of delicate pale Irises with purple, peach and white tones.

The painting radiates with warmth and gentle energy, the Iris petals gently undulating in sunlight. The flowers pop off the canvas accentuated by the dark back ground which is a layer of teal with purple layered over it.

Although its a very big canvas, its sits beautifully either in a large space or as a main feature in a smaller space as shown in the phots below.

Part of a new series or large oils on canvas inspired by locally grown British flowers.The painting is warm and dramatic and brings a sense of luxury and opulence to a room

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