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Inspiration- Flower Paintings - Ecinachea Flowers- summer garden- original painting


Title: Inspiration 

Medium: Pastel on sandboard

Size: 80x120 cm (41.5"x 57")

Framed 100x150cm framed in white wood frame with UVA/UVB protective museum glass

Inspiration was based on a poem from Paul Goldstein. The process of creating it, as usual was a meditative journey for me and taught me many lessons. To see the full in process creation of the painting and its story you can watch a video at ;

Inspiration shoes a colourful, bright border of Echinachea flowers which I had the joy to see at RHS Wisley this summer. It personified summer in all its bright glory and took me through a journey of self acceptance and happiness.

It is a large statement piece and vibrates with Summer colour bringing glowing warmth, joy and vibrancy to a room.

The painting is currently unframed as a triptych in 3 sections. When framed it would look like the framed inapmages of vitality. The framing would be in a white wood frame with museum glass..see variant price and would be a higher delivery price as it is the a very large piece with glass and needs specialist shipping.


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