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Impermanence- Blue Poppy Head Meadow- Original Flower Painting


Title: Impermanence

Medium: pastel on sand board

Size: 80x60cm image 110x90cm framed with double border and white wood frame, ready for hanging

About this painting:

Based on the Poem 'Impermanence' by Paul Warren Goldstein

The first of a series of paintings inspired by Paul's poetry which will be turned into a coffee table book of Inspiration.  

This one had so many meanings and messages coming through for me as I painted. Nature understands impermanence so well, constantly flowing, changing and yet beautiful in each moment. The wonder and special thing in each moment can so easily be missed if you're looking just for the most brilliant. It took me to thoughts of hoe being unattached gives freedom and flow in life. Of taking the beauty of a moment and loving it, letting it go and moving on. The Impermanence of every moment in nature, moving on to the next moment, each perfect in it's own way

The painting makes a relaxing and peaceful centrepiece to a room imbuing its surroundings with calm.

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