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'Celebrating British Flowers' is a collaborative project I have been working on throughout 2018.

I discovered recently that we have hundreds of local flower farmers all over the UK, who grow exquisite, fresh British Flowers. However, 95% of flowers sold in the UK are imported and take over 6 days to even reach a florist.

Locally grown British Flowers are fresh, long lasting and the flower farms support a wealth of wildlife and insects. all in all, ecologically wonderful.

I have been painting the arrangements of these wonderful women, most of whom have given up other careers to do what they love. The aim of the project being to create more awareness of local growers and encourage you all to ask for and buy locally grown British Flowers.

The paintings are being exhibited at RHS Wisley in the Glasshouse from 4th September to 8th October, and are all available to purchase immediately.